Reasons why TikTok is very Popular


What is TikTok

What is TikTok?

TikTok is a music video-sharing mobile application that debuted in the fall of 2016. It enables users to create and browse short video clips ranging from 15 to 60 seconds in length, allowing them to share all genres of videos online. It is claimed that ‘the medium is the message’, TikTok as a medium could widely spread the message and influence a series of aspects.

TikTok is the most downloaded social media app in the IOS App Store and has more than 500 million active users worldwide. 

Because TikTok has quickly become a top social media software, many researchers are eager to summarize the reasons for its success from various perspectives, such as content, audience, social influence, technology, and business model.

Reasons why the TikTok app is popular:

  • AI Technology

AI Technology

The main reason for TikTok’s high popularity could be the application of AI technology.

Yes, TikTok is good at using its technical advantages. According to Ma and Hu’s research, the AI algorithm TikTok uses was generated by Another Byte Dance app which is Toutiao.

The algorithm provides personalized feed content by analyzing user preferences and content interactions. Due to the rational use of unique AI algorithms, Douyin can achieve very accurate content that users like.

It shows that the technology can modularize complex forms of content, lower the barriers to user participation, and ensure continuity of the core content, causing increasing in user engagement.

In addition, this short video platform will use AI to push localized content according to local tastes and encourage locals to make localized calculation videos. Do you want to download TikTok videos so you can watch them offline?

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The first (Dancer Dancer) function, which allows consumers to play the dance machine on their mobile phones, has been one of the main reasons behind Tik Tok’s popularity. The Dancer Dancer relies on human key point detection technology mainly based on intelligent algorithm technology. 

After the launch of the Dance Dance Machine by Tik Tok, the number of consumers increased significantly, with its volume of downloads recording the highest number compared to other apps. 

  • Diversity of Marketing Strategies

Diversity of Marketing Strategies

TikTok’s advertisement and marketing promotion make TikTok constantly maintain popularity. TikTok often appears in many TV show advertisements and takes advantage of the famous stars in the show by letting the stars use TikTok and advertise. 

They also invite many celebrities to make a short video of the trend that’s going on to make the fans stampede, and it expands the popularity of the app and also its user base.

TikTok often holds variables online and offline activities that make TikTok maintain public focus and don’t lose its popularity.

A massive investment in the market advertisement enabled it to create awareness of its existence. Tik Tok has maintained its market advertisement by appearing on several shows like China has hip hop, which has increased its exposure.

Tik Tok has developed different online and offline activities, increasing its accessibility among users. Tik Tok’s marketing strategy is not only limited to online but also focuses on offline promotion, which enables its users to edit and use its content on other social media platforms, increasing its exposure.

The company has also cooperated with Today’s headlines and Jundi Brothers to enable it to carry out offline activities. 

One of the Advances is their being in the 2017 National Youth Talent competition, making consumers feel the fun offline. Tik Tok has used online and offline activities to increase its influence hence increasing the number of active users.

Finally, Tik Tok has implemented strategies of focusing on both local and global markets, including the developing countries where technological innovations are still in their early stages.

The company’s marketing strategy analysis has significantly upgraded its branding strategy and adopted a global approach that expands its consumers globally by recruiting partners.

Its strategy has enabled it to be received well in all countries, with its users being on the rise on a daily basis. Use this TikTok Downloader to download TikToks and share it with your family and friends. 

  • Meeting the Needs of Users

Meeting the Needs of Users

The first objective of Tik Tok is to ensure that its consumers are satisfied and they can come back.

To achieve this, Tik Tok has been targeting to meet the media requirements of its consumers by treating its members as individuals with different needs sees their usage as on different specific demand motives. This allows consumers to apply the vibrating process to satisfy their fun needs through interaction and self-expression.

Also, the company has a strong technology mechanism that enables it to eliminate information uncertainty, ensuring that each piece of content created by users has a message. This allows users to understand things they do not know and remove some information they do not understand. 

  • Short Video Application

With a massive growth in the media environment, Short video application has taken a great spot in conveying information. Where once Newspapers, radios, and television used to give out vital information, now a short 15 to 30 seconds video cuts it.

The gradual increase in the use of videos to express their information is seen evidently.  Short video application has been the most form of mobile communication since it provides consumers with video photography and editing services more than the general photography tools.

Short videos also have the ability to connect to different social networks and immediately share videos created by users. The development of short video apps has managed to win the love of users, with the earliest short videos like Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat receiving higher recognition from their audiences.


At present, the short video industry is on the rise and plays a mainstream role in the Internet industry. The reason for the popularity of Tik Tok is that it has a variety of effective marketing strategies and precise algorithm technology and meets the needs of users.

However, despite its growth and popularity, there is still a vast space for development, and this can be achieved by focusing on the following aspects. 

Tik Tok should focus on improving content quality and rigorous content review.

By doing this content duplication and promotion of bad content can be eliminated and it also makes sure that there is new and creative content generated constantly. 

Finally, Tik Tok should increase the level of users’ interaction and sense of experience. The function of short video applications is shifting from uploading to live broadcast. Some social media platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook, are far ahead of live broadcasts. 

Hence for Tik Tok to maintain its popularity, there is a need to improve the application’s live broadcast mechanism.

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