Definition of record

Record  is a word of English origin that refers to the greatest result of a discipline , sport or activity. In many aspects and particularly sports, this term is used as a synonym for brand, when it is required to refer to an excellent result, which goes above the previous ones.

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World record

This term is used in those cases where the personal brand , previously registered in the world, had been below the new brand. This usually occurs generally in a sports discipline, where a player or competitor achieves a higher mark than that of the peers with whom he competes.

In this sense, this type of assessment is of a relative nature since it only refers to historical records that have left marks or associations recognized worldwide.

Olympic record

This type of record refers mainly to the sports that are practiced within the Olympics , taking into account the best registered marks in the disciplines that are performed within the Olympics.

It is important to note that this type of record can be world and Olympic or vice versa and in the same way, they can be Olympic but not world and vice versa.


  • They refer to an action or discipline.
  • These are new brands superior to those already registered.
  • They are achieved mostly after much sacrifice and effort.
  • it takes perseverance and a positive attitude
  • It applies mostly in the sports field, however there are also various types of records.

Examples of world records

  1. A group of Welsh scientists found a clam that appears to have lived for about four centuries. It is found on the coast of Iceland and surpasses by three decades another clam that had held the record until now, and that lived in the same place.
  2. An American woman named Fran Capo can pronounce an average of 600 words per minute, which made her the fastest speaking person in the world.
  3. “Usain Bolt holds the world record in the 100 meter sprint”
  4. “The Catalan team dreams of breaking the record for consecutive victories”
  5. “He is barely twenty years old, but many specialists believe that he will manage to break the defenses record of a world title.”
  6. A bell tower in Suurhusen, a town in northern Germany, achieved a Guinness record for having leaned more than the Tower of Pisa. It is a construction of almost 30 meters high that was erected in the middle of the 15th century. The angle of inclination that was registered at the time of awarding the first place was 5.19 degrees, 1.22 above the Italian monument.
  7. A motorcycle was registered as the largest in the world by the Guinness Book, since it exceeds a normal car in dimensions, and can be compared to that of a cargo truck. Its creator is called Gregory Dunham and he endowed it with an engine capable of reaching a speed of 104 km / h.
  8. The network connection of 700 thousand Playstation 3 consoles achieved a Guinness record for having achieved the highest processing power to date on the entire planet. It was a project that sought to investigate the folds of a protein called FAH, in charge of Stanford University, United States. The network took advantage of the capacity of the machines when they were not being used, and the number of operations per second reached was one thousand trillion.

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