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Definition of reduce

Reduce is a term that refers to minimizing the state of a thing or action. It means to return a thing or something to its original state or, failing that, to decrease, simplify, among others. The word reduce can be used in various aspects of life, from the most everyday to the most studied such as technology, engineering, research and study topics, among others.

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Examples of reduce

  • In mathematics

From the point of view of mathematics, the word reduce is handled from two points of view, namely: it can be used to refer to an expression that has been simplified , that is, the reduction of an equation, among others. And on the other hand, it is used to show that the quantity of a species will be or is expressed in a different unit ; such is the case of the equations when passing from kilometers to meters.

  • Esthetic

From the point of view of aesthetics , when we talk about reducing, we refer to the reduction of sizes in some part of the body, such as the waist, abdomen, legs, among others. It generally occurs when the person loses weight, personally, either due to physical activity, among others, or due to surgical intervention.

  • Gastronomy

In the field of gastronomy , when we talk about reduction, we refer to the minimization of a sauce or a liquid element inside the dish. Reducing a sauce allows the flavors to be further intensified within the preparation.

  • Accounting

From an accounting point of view, reducing costs is synonymous with doing more with fewer resources. In this sense, and based on this principle, most companies are responsible for developing plans in order to maintain both profitability and productivity of goods and services with the main purpose of reaching the proposed goal.

  • Ecology

In ecological matters, there is a rule called the 3R rule : reduce, reuse, recycle. In this sense, the purpose of this rule is the maintenance and preservation of the environment.

When talking about reducing in this matter, it refers to the ability not to consume single-use products or that cannot be used for another purpose later. In the same way, it also applies to electricity consumption.

Reuse, on the other hand, makes mention of the handling of products for a purpose other than the one originally proposed, such as glass containers, plastic bottles, second-hand clothing, among other things.

And finally, recycling is the action of achieving the transformation of some waste and using it for new purposes, thus reducing the consumption of raw material that is generated and therefore the waste that arises as a result of consumption.

In this sense, we can see how this term can be used in various areas and aspects of daily life that allows us to manifest or perform a certain action, such as:

  1. We must reduce personnel.
  2. The sauce should be reduced.
  3. The equation must be reduced.
  4. The diet reduces measures in the abdomen.
  5. The driver did not reduce happiness on the curve.
  6. He just reduces her to her.
  7. The amount of solid waste in the world must be reduced.

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