Meaning of resources

Resources, is a term that refers to the obtaining of goods, means or aid that are necessary to be able to make a product, achieve an end or achieve the satisfaction of a specific need. In this sense, from another point of view, we can also see how it can be applicable when solving a need or carrying out a task since, the elements as a whole, are those that are required to carry out the action.

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Resource examples

There are different types of resources that can be used when covering a need or carrying out a task, among them we can mention:

  • Hydraulic resources: are those goods or materials that are necessary for the elaboration of
  • Literary resources: these are the basic elements that are applied in the field of literature and writing.
  • Human resources : it is the space or office that is responsible for the administration, selection and retirement of personnel in a company.
  • Renewable resources : are those natural resources that, once used, can be used for another activity. They are characterized by the fact that the natural resource regenerates naturally at speeds higher than those of its consumption by the human being, likewise, renewable natural resources are not depleted
  • Non-renewable resources : are those resources that are managed only once, after taking advantage of their use, they can no longer be managed again. They are known as exhaustible resources, they are determined because long periods are needed for their regeneration and, their use and exploration will come to an end since they are limited resources.
  • Economic resources: these are means that allow a company, family or person to guarantee the normal development of their activities. On some occasions these resources can become scarce and it is convenient to evaluate the possibility of accessing external financing on a provisional basis. The relationship between the economic resources produced and those consumed will largely provide an overview of the health and proper functioning of the agent in question from the economic point of view.
  • Basic resources: are those minimum resources that are considered essential for the development of a product, the provision of a service or the action of living.

Resources in psychology

From the point of view of psychology, resources are the tools that a person has to carry out a certain action, to be able to respond to a situation or difficulty that arises.

This type of resource can refer to an attitude towards certain actions, a positive attitude towards adversity, an optimal relationship with the environment, among others. This type of resource allows the person to be in an optimal state of health from the mental point of view.

From a broad and general point of view, any resource can be considered as that or those elements that are essential to achieve a higher purpose, the development of a product or the provision of a service. Due to the breadth of the term, its conception and definition can be applied in many areas, however, there are definitions of this term in specific areas that delimit very well the space it is responsible for.

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