Definition of revoke

Revoke is to mention something that has been left without effect , that is, order someone or report something that was originally approved and now is not. We can also define it as the action carried out by a person to convince another to stop doing something for someone or for someone else.

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In this sense, it is important to note that the word revoke is a term that is also used in the world of masonry, as we will proceed to explain below.

Types of revocation

According to the topic in question, you can talk about several types of revocation, among them we can mention:

  • Legal revocation: from the point of view of law, a revocation is the annulment of a judgment or decision issued by a judge or a legal order that has been issued to a subordinate. This situation is generally resolved by an entity or body superior to the one that issued the decision in the first instance.

In Law, “revoke a sentence” is to render a judicial decision totally or partially ineffective or to replace it with another. The action of reversing a sentence does not correspond to that of appealing a sentence. The authorities that usually have to revoke a sentence are the judge who issued it or a court.

The process to revoke a sentence may vary depending on the laws of each country. In general terms, an appeal for revocation must be presented and it must be admitted by the competent authorities.

  • Political revocation : is one that refers to the termination of a position that has been designated politically. In this sense, the revocation is given by a higher authority or through the sovereign’s vote.
  • Access revocation : from an IT point of view, it refers to the cancellation of a request or authorization given to a user to access certain information through a user account.

It can also refer to the revocation of permission to access a certain area in a company or institution. Generally applies in cases of retired or unauthorized personnel entering a certain area.

  • Revoke a wall : this type of revocation refers to the world of masonry, repainting a wall or plastering the wall of a building. Said revocation action is synonymous with plastering or plastering. In this process, gypsum, sand, lime or the like are generally used.

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