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Surely if you are a person interested in obtaining better results in  search engines , you have probably always related  SEO and  SEM. Both are very good when it comes to positioning, we recently talked about SEO , but this time we have to explain in depth about SEM, in addition to bringing a series  of SEM examples that will allow you to better understand how this is applied So effective method to upload positions in the main web search engines that exist.

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The first thing I’ll tell you is that  SEM comes from the acronym  “search engine marketing . ” This method is effective and is excellent for those looking to  rank  their site from different perspectives. It is a paid web positioning mechanism , that is, in order to position a certain keyword, you pay for it and almost automatically it appears in the first places in search engines  .

There are many ways to acquire this service, it can be by paying for advertising , among other things. Thanks to the payment of this service, when a person places a specific keyword, you appear first. This is ideal for companies and sites that you are looking for have great potential.

SEM tools

  • Google Ad-words:  It is currently the number one SEM technique to obtain great results. You create an advertising campaign and establish it according to your needs.
  • External advertising campaigns:  Not everything is based on Google, other sites offer to create campaigns to improve positioning and obtain better results directly in each of the search engines that you hire.
  • Google Adsense:  It is the most important form of monetization of this search engine. If it is combined correctly with Adwords, it will give you great results and you will have a higher ranking under different keywords.

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