Meaning refers to something that can be determined or defined for various uses or meanings. From a termination, we can define it as the process of physical character both reception and perception and recognition of the stimuli that can be produced through smell, sight, hearing, touch or taste.

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In another order of ideas, we can speak of a sense of balance , that is, the ability of a person to be able to stand without going to one side or the other. It refers to the knowledge that a human being has of his environment and the way in which he preserves his right body, without allowing the force of difficulty to knock him down. It is a skill that we develop during the primitive months of life and that brings together the senses of sight and hearing, although the private lives of some of them can be replaced in various ways.

The reason for being, the full meaning or the purpose are also associated with meaning:

    1. “What you tell me doesn’t make any sense to me”
    2. “Maria left senseless, but still she would not arrive on time”
    3. “He senselessly assaulted someone he just wanted to see.”

The meaning is linked, on the other hand, to understanding or reason. It can be a particular way of understanding something or the knowledge with which certain actions are carried out:

  1. “The president said, in that sense, that the decision would be agreed according to what they decide”
  2. “You have to read meaningfully to understand the material.”

Our history as a species tells us time and again that the reality of one era may be the illogical of the next, and vice versa. The millions of pages of the tens of thousands of books that collect a considerable part of the experience of the human being on this planet show us how wrong it can be to underestimate an idea, as well as make it immovable. Despite this almost obligatory wisdom, which we inherit from generation to generation, it is very difficult for us to accept that which exceeds the limits of our reasoning.

Difference between sense and direction

It is important to note that in many cases meaning is often confused with direction, both being conceptually different, that is, when we talk about direction we refer to something that can be guided through points, while meaning is orientation. through which it is available for direction.

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