Simile Sentences Examples

We explain that what are simile sentences examples? Simile is said to everything that establishes a comparison between two or more things, objects, situations or people. In literature it refers to a rhetorical figure that consists of the comparison between one thing and another, in order to give an efficient idea of ​​them.

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When a comparison by similarity occurs, the particular characteristics are transported from one to another.

The simile is presented in literary works to convey the message with aesthetic and distinctive features, although it is also used in everyday life.

50 examples of comparisons or simil:

  1. Wise as a philosopher.
  2. Strong as a lion.
  3. Brave as a lion.
  4. Strong as a bull.
  5. Strong as a bear.
  6. Sagas as a snake.
  7. Smart as a chimpanzee.
  8. Crazy as a goat.
  9. Big as an elephant.
  10. Venomous as a viper.
  11. Venomous as a snake.
  12. Poisonous like a spider.
  13. Crawling like a snake.
  14. Crawling like reptile.
  15. Pure as water.
  16. Live like king.
  17. Light as a feather.
  18. Hard as steel.
  19. Soft like cotton.
  20. Fat as a cow.
  21. Fat as a pig.
  22. Agile as a gazelle.
  23. Sweet as honey.
  24. Clear as water.
  25. Crystal clear.
  26. Hard as a stone.
  27. Fresh like a lettuce.
  28. Cold as ice.
  29. Cold as an iceberg.
  30. slow as a turtle.
  31. Slow as a snail.
  32. Fast as a rabbit.
  33. Fast as a hare.
  34. Dazzling like a mirror.
  35. Crystalline like water.
  36. Tasty like honey.
  37. Tasty as a cake.
  38. Bad as poison.
  39. Silly as a donkey.
  40. Stubborn as an ox.
  41. Stubborn as a mule.
  42. As tall as a tree.
  43. As high as a mountain.
  44. As small as a flea.
  45. As small as a mouse.
  46. As creeping as a snake.
  47. As creeping as a viper.
  48. As tall as a tower.
  49. As short as a pygmy.
  50. As fat as a hippopotamus.

30 Sentences with simile or comparison:

  1. His eyes shone like two emeralds when he saw his love.
  2. He kissed me passionately with those ruby red lips .
  3. The street is pitch black , you have to be careful.
  4. The intricate labyrinthine streets led travelers to their destination.
  5. My hair like any lion in the jungle.
  6. As  cold as a freezer .
  7. He is an athlete as  fast as a tornado .
  8. I caress her son with her hands as soft as velvet .
  9. The traffic was heavy as if it were a parking lot .
  10. The singer ended the concert raising her melodious voice like a siren .
  11. Love is something as sweet as honey and as bitter as gall .
  12. Pedro is strong as a bull .
  13. Juanito is as small as a mouse .
  14. Miguel is as fat as a hippopotamus .
  15. Araceli’s mouth is as poisonous as a viper’s mouth .
  16. The meat of the stew is leathery like shoe leather .
  17. Maria makes cakes as rich as honey .
  18. The cake is as soft as cotton , I can eat it easily.
  19. The mattress on the bed is hard as stone .
  20. The mattress on the bed is as soft as cotton .
  21. Maria gave me a hug as bitter as a lemon .
  22. Fernando left his shoes as shiny as mirrors .
  23. The floor is as polished and shiny as a mirror .
  24. My girl is as pretty as an Angel fallen from heaven.
  25. Karen’s kisses are as sweet as chocolates .
  26. Brandon’s feet stink as strong as Roquefort cheese .
  27. I want you to leave the floor as clean and shiny as a mirror .
  28. Paul’s head is hard as stone .
  29. My skin, fragile as glass , cracks with the son.
  30. The municipal president lives like a king with taxes.

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