What is Skate?

Skate is a shortened word in English whose translation refers to a skateboard , skateboard or skateboard, that is, it refers to a kind of raised toe board composed of two or four wheels, and whose purpose is to allow a person being able to practice the sport called skateboarding which is nothing more than the action of skating.

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What is Skateboarding about

It is a sport that can be considered extreme and is recognized worldwide through which a person glides with a board composed of four wheels or a skateboard and while doing so, he performs movements or tricks that deserve a certain ability to do them. since its level of speed and complexity is great.

Most of the tricks consist of lifting the board off the ground , while gliding and performing aerial pirouettes with the help of the hands or by propelling with an object . It is then a sport born among young people, so it is considered purely urban, and thanks to this it can be practiced on any type of surface where the skateboard can be rolled.

The way in which this sport can be practiced is in two environments, namely:

  • The street: this sport according to this style, can be practiced on surfaces or spaces that are outdoors such as sidewalks, scratches, ramps, stairs, railings, among others.
  • The ramp: it is the sport practiced in spaces intended for them, that is, on surfaces of half a tube or a quarter tube, doing everything related to pirouettes, juggling or tricks with the skateboard.

What is a Skatepark?

The translation of this word from English to Spanish refers to an exclusive park to practice the sport of skateboarding. They are environments designed in a unique way to be able to practice Skateboarding . These spaces are generally a combination of professional ramps and street spaces for the practitioner or athlete to perform the stunts they want.

Factors to take into account when practicing skateboarding

  • Most of the time, while playing this sport, your feet will always be on the skateboard.
  • The width of the skateboard is generally half the width of the human body.
  • Achieve stability to be able to stand on a board that is in motion.
  • Placing one foot on the board while we push ourselves with the other on the floor is usually a great challenge since if the proper stability is not achieved it can cause severe damage to the body.

We must emphasize that compared to this type of sport, skateboards are varied and can be adapted to the needs of each of the practitioners of this sport. In the case of beginners, it is recommended that they use the longboard thanks to its ease of handling when performing the maneuvers.

Choosing the type and model of skateboard is one of the main elements to enter this sporting world. At the beginning it is always recommended to use one with the axles well secured and with the fewest possible curves. Footwear is another aspect to take into account since it is recommended that it be firm and does not exceed the height of the ankles, for which sandals and boots are discarded.

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