What is skype?

Skype is an application, a software that allows users who enjoy its services to communicate through video calls, messages, among others; likewise, it allows its users the ease of sharing multimedia files or programs with other users, anywhere in the world.

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This application has the advantage that it can be downloaded and installed on smart devices, telephones, television, among others.

How to download Skype

To obtain Skype, the user must download the software on the company page, install it on any electronic device with internet access and perform the user registration , the latter consists of providing an email address, a name and a password that it can be remembered by the user and, finally, validate the account by visiting the link that you will receive by email and the user can now enjoy the advantages that this software provides .

Once the software has been installed and the registration is made as mentioned above, the user must add the contacts through the name of the user that he used in his registration or, failing that, the email to speak for free. The contacts available to chat are in online mode.

The calls, the sending of messages and files are free on the condition that both users enjoy the software, that is, Skype. Also, the user can make calls to other users who do not have this software but must buy credits, they can be payments with credit cards.


Among the many advantages that can be highlighted from Skype, we can mention the following:

  • Free calls between users: that is, just by having a good internet connection, we can communicate through a phone call from our mobile device and it turns out that it is completely free.
  • We can make calls to telephone numbers at very low cost: the rates that Skype offers compared to the rest of the world, are quite accessible and this is because Skype has its own servers in each country where the service works. That is why you can call anyone from anywhere in the world.
  • It has a paid mobile messaging service .
  • When you download the application and register, the same application provides you with a code that is very similar to a telephone number through which the user can receive calls or make calls to other users.
  • It has a voice and video message box .
  • Through the application chat you can send files to other users.
  • It has the advantage that it allows you to share the screen, that is, you can make videoconferences and at the same time explain from your device or laptop or computer , what you are trying to say.
  • web client integrated in and in browsers such as Chrome, which allows its execution without having to resort to the installation of a client program. This leads us to be able to work with Skype from operating systems such as Chrome OS.

In this sense, S kype is a remote communication software through video calls, calls and text, owned by the North American multinational Microsoft. This application is multiplatform and allows you to communicate through computers, mobile phones, tablets and other devices.

Skype operates through a P2P model using a private VolP telephony protocol that allows high quality call communication. Today Skype has become a benchmark in the video calling industry, with millions of daily users around the world.

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