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Spyhuma APK

The Spyhuma APK is an app that allows users to monitor the activity on their Android device. The user will be able to see all of the activities done on their device including calls, messages, social media use, and more. This can prove very useful in many cases such as if a child is using your phone without you knowing or if you are trying to gather information about someone’s activity for legal reasons.

SpyHuman is a parental monitoring application that enables you to monitor your child’s activity on their smartphone without them ever knowing.

This means no more worry about what they are doing when away from the house, who they’ve been talking too or if there might be something going on with regards to inappropriate content online.

With Spy Human installed in every parent-friendly phone made today we can finally get out of hiding and stay up front safety for everyone involved within these families.
SpyHuman App screenshotsIt is really important to keep an eye on your teenager when they’re online. If you want the best chance at success, use our spy app.

The features are still limited but it does everything else- track calls and messages as well as monitor any websites visited online for ages with just one click of a button too boot.

It can be tough trying to figure out what’s going in someone else’s social life without being able see all their activity.

especially if its not something that would benefit anyone involved by letting them know how much trouble certain people may cause or worse yet whether there might be some kind soul ready willing & able enough.

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Spyhuma APK Additional Information

  • Name: Spyhuma
  • Category: Apps, Parental Protection
  • Latest Version: v206
  • Package Name: m.mobile.control
  • Updated on: February 12, 2021
  • Requirements: Android 5.0+
  • Developed By: SpyHuman Tracker Team
  • MD5:
  • File Size: 28.95 MB

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What is SpyHuamn Apk?

The three items that every person needs to progress in their life are Computers, Smartphones with internet access and Mobile Phones.

The world has changed drastically because of these new inventions which function as an atom bomb for the IT Industry; if we look at current situation everyone loves keeping them all around them at any given times without which you can never do anything.

It’s no surprise that many people are taking advantage of children in this day and age, using smartphones to access harmful content. I myself was guilty when my kids were younger – before realizing how dangerous it could be for them.

A recent study has found out some alarming statistics about what kids are viewing online: 60% watch TV shows without adult supervision; 20% play games alone while 7%, 3 years old or less engage with technology such as tablets and mobile devices more than 2 hours per week on average.

With the advancements in technology, it’s now possible for parents to keep an eye on their children without letting them know.

The SpyHuman Tracker Apk enables a parent to remotely monitor and access every single section of child’s phone without any struggle at all.

SpyHuman App is a tool designed to keep an eye on your child’s phone. It lets you monitor what they search for online, whom they call and even record their calls with so that if someone is lying about being innocent it can be used as evidence against them.

How to Download and Install the App?

Downloading the app from its official website is highly recommended, but if you don’t have access to one then we provide a download link here.

Our expert team installs apps on multiple devices and checks for compatibility before giving them out so that users can be entertained with an appropriate application.

To download the app, click on this link. Once you are there and have successfully downloaded it onto your phone or device of choice make sure to go into settings in order to find Where’s Waldo? Space Stage 3 where all three files can be found.

Now click on file to run the installation process. Soon after you click install button a finish notification will pops up in front of your child, which means that their app has been successfully installed.

Open it now and enable any features they want most before hiding this tool from view by using an App Hider so no one else can find out about its capabilities-not even them later down the line when they’re older and more savvy (and able).

Key Features of the Spyhuma APK – Tracker App:

The application offers many features that cannot be mentioned here. What we can do is sharing important things like users’ requirements.

  • The application provides you with a real-time call recorder that allows you to make a long distance call, transfer it to your mobile phone and use it as a test later.
  • A sms tracking function that lets you see and track your child’s text messages and the type of language you use.
  • One of the most important features is “Social Media Tracker”. This feature allows you to monitor your child’s social network network activity and see how they interact with different people.
  • Even parents will not make their children arrive during school, faculty, college, etc., but using your GPS tracking technology, your current location can easily track your position. I can do it.
  • Now the Spyhuman Tracker APK support team is adding the Whatsapp messages trackers that allow parents to easily monitor whatsapp activity for their children.

SMS registration: The program records all SMS messages, timestamps and sender information sent to the phone.
Call item: in the same way the previous way, using SMS messages instead, the program collects information on the phone from the caller number to the name of the caller, to the country and so on.
Call registration: In addition to writing an e-mail, the program collects the contents of the call. All calls made after installing the application are recorded and reported as a control.
Contact Tracker: Telephone connector backups are accessible only on the encrypted server and this word contact list is regularly updated.
GPS locator: the location of the phone is continuously traced and there is also a list of the last places where the phone is gone (with the operator).
Photos and photos: All the photos taken by the camera or downloaded from the phone will be at your disposal and the backup will be backed up. And it is regularly updated.
Listen to the environment: you can access the phone’s camera to listen to the sound of the environment in which the phone lives remotely.
Timeline Applications: Get information about all the programs installed on your phone.
Battery status: Shows the phone battery status.

Parents can monitor their children’s activities at any time and anywhere in the world. All you need is the internet and this application to monitor and monitor your child.


To download the latest version of SpyHuman Apk and want to keep yourself updated with new upcoming products which gives you an edge over your opponent than visit our website from time-to-time.

Or even allow notification bar so that when we update any item on it, you’ll be notified straight away; this article will also help in providing information about such product if required.

The SpyHuman app is a well-coded and structured one. It’s not easy to build an application this large with the advanced encryption that it puts on data being gathered, but they do so masterfully .

And even though there are high chances of misuse for bad purposes , your loved ones could still benefit from its security or productivity would be at best as possible if you allow them in-app access to features like location tracking.

We hope all readers find their queries answered satisfactorily after reading through these lines.”

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