Storage Devices Example

The storage devices are those devices or computers that have the ability to read and save information. The storage devices innovated according to technological advances and now you can find the smaller but more internal space commercial market equipment.

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The storage devices are classified as:

  • Primary storage device: They are those that fulfill main functions within the operation of certain equipment.
  • Secondary storage devices: They are those that handle and transfer information independently.

20 Examples of Storage Devices

  1. USB sticks.
  2. Pendrives.
  3. CD.
  4. RAM memory .
  5. ROM memory.
  6. Hard drives.
  7. Portable hard drives.
  8. Blue ray.
  9. DVD .
  10. Smart phones.
  11. ZIP units.
  12. Cloud storage.
  13. Memory cards.
  14. Flash memory drives.
  15. Floppy drives.
  16. Cassette.
  17. Punched tape drive.
  18. Punch card unit.
  19. Magnetic drums.
  20. Music players.

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