Test Tube Holder Functions and Uses with Diagram

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Test Tube Holder diagram

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An Overview of Test Tube Holder – Definition

It is a common piece of laboratory apparatus used to hold various test tubes and other apparatus. it is also known as a clamp and has a general length of  6.25 inches long with finger grips. it can hold any kind of test tube being hot and untouchable. A common example is that we use it when we heat a test tube under a bunsen burner and it is hot and untouchable.

in fact, it is a piece of safety equipment for not squeezing hands under fire and is used particularly used in the heating of different liquids and is typically placed with a lab bench. always remember to place 3 centimeters away from the tube for expected danger or consequences. One thing that must keep in mind is that it is not made or used for flasks and other heavier objects.

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