What is a triptych?

A triptych is a printed publication of a particular nature since it has three parts. In this sense, any publication that contains more than two pages in it must have four pages and this is because this type of publication is based on making a fold of the sheet in half, so that it is one size determined.

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Unlike other printed publications, a triptych offers you 3 sides, folding the page into three equal parts. This type of presentation is usually made for commercial purposes mostly, as well as it is used when making exhibitions on a specific topic or product.

A triptych is a practical and effective method to convey the information you want to convey. Its content must be practical, summarized and attractive, showing the potential client or interested party a wide range of substantial information.

The triptych can be made in various materials, generally in sheets through the programs offered by Microsoft Office, such as: Word , Publisher, Power Point , among others.

In the same programs, the filmmaker can create triptychs for different purposes and with multiple designs, since the most important thing is that they be original and eye-catching to awaken the public’s curiosity to read the information presented in it.

In reference to the above, there are digital triptychs, as their name says, they are digital documents and they are displayed interactively, manipulating the sheets with the mouse or mouse pointer.

Types of triptych

  • For advertising

In order to convey the correct information, an advertising brochure must contain substantial content, which attracts the client but does not bore him with so much verbiage, that is, the content must be punctual and attractive. This type of triptych can facilitate the communication of an event or act, school activities, important dates, among others.

  • In art

From the artistic point of view, the triptych can also be handled to capture art in it. That is, through it, works can be made that can be presented in relief and in an attractive way to the viewer. This type of presentation was very common in Flemish painting during the 15th and 16th centuries, capturing the fine arts.

Parts that make up a triptych

It is made up of three parts, which are:

  • The cover : it is the presentation of the triptych, in it is generally reflected the company or company that made it, the description of the subject and its title.
  • Inner part: it is where the content of the information to be transmitted will be broken down, with images alluding to the subject to be discussed.
  • Back cover: is the end or back of the triptych. In the same way, it contains the information of what you want to transmit and the contact numbers or forms of communication to be able to acquire more information.

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