The truth is the coincidence that exists between what we think or believe and what in reality is, and that no one can contradict with a logical or rational idea.

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The truth is a very important value for the human being; Knowing the reality about what surrounds us is the objective of many, especially in the scientific area.

There are several values ​​linked to truth, such as honesty, sincerity, integrity, and frankness . Honest people, who always defend the real in most of their actions and words, are welcomed because they are supposed to be trustworthy individuals.

Characteristics of “truth”

It comes from the Latin verĭtas or veritātis, which means “truth.”

In Roman mythology, Veritas was the name of the goddess of truth, daughter of Saturn (god of time) and mother of Virtus (“virtue”).

The antonym of the truth is the lie , and it is the discrepancy that exists between what we say, think or believe, and reality. The lie is used to manipulate, and even to betray. It is not the same that someone does not know the truth about a subject, that they know it and still expose the opposite (a lie) to achieve a goal. Hence the importance of truth to maintain interpersonal relationships.


Although reality is somewhat irrefutable, it is true that, due to the imperfect characteristics of human beings, even that concept has several definitions.

Philosophical: it is the definition that we use the most in our daily lives. It is about the similarity that exists between what is real and what we think. For example, Immanuel Kant believed that this value was the logic of knowledge.

Relative: it is an idea that will be true according to the context in which it is said or demonstrated, or according to factors such as laws, regulations or customs.

Absolute : they are ideas whose veracity is assumed by all humanity (any race, culture, country, etc.), and that cannot be contradicted due to the lack of logical ideas that demonstrate that it is not true. For example: every living being will one day cease to exist as a biological entity.

Examples of truth

the absolute:

  • An hour has 60 minutes.
  • One minute has 60 seconds.
  • Ice is solid.
  • Cold is the absence of heat.

The relative:

  • An atom is divisible.
  • “Some people steal out of necessity.”
  • “Television creates addiction.”
  • “I am happy because I passed the exam and I have finished my studies.”

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