Types of Ports in Computer

A port is a socket at the back of a computer used to plug in various devices. basically, the computers have two Types of Ports. internally, in personal computers, there are several ports for connecting disk drivers. display controllers, and keyboards. externally, personal computers have ports for connecting modems, printers, scanners, and other peripheral devices.

Types of Ports in Computer

Types of Ports in Computer

there are two types of ports.

  1. serial ports
  2. parallel ports

Serial Ports

A port or interface that can be used for serial communication. in which only one bit is transmitted at a time is called serial port. a serial port is also called a male connector. it has 9 or 25 pins.

Uses of Serial ports

it is a general-purpose interface that can be used for almost any type of device, including modems, mouse and keyboards, and printers (although most printers are connected to a parallel port).

Parallel Ports

A socket on a computer for transmitting more than one-bit data in parallel, at a time, is called a parallel port. A parallel port is also called a female connector having 25 holes and the cable that plugs into it has 25 pins.

there maybe 8,16 or 32 channels (wires). each channel carries 1 bit of information. not all the channels are used for data transmission some are used for control signals.

Uses of Parallel Ports.

It is used to connect tape drivers, CD-ROMs, extra hard disks, and most of the printers.

Difference Between serial port and parallel port

Serial Port

Parallel Port


it is a port of interface that can be used for serial communication in which only 1 bit is transmitted at a is a socket or interface for transmitting data in parallel in which more than one bit is transmitted.


A serial port is also called a male connector and has 9 or 25 pins.A parallel port is also called a female connector and has 25 pins.

Data Transmission

sends information through a cable one bit at a time.sends 8 bits or more data at a time along parallel wires.


A Serial port sends data at a slower rate than a parallel port.sends data faster than a serial port.

Reliability for a Longer Distance

it is reliable for transmission over a longer is not reliable for transmitting over a longer distance.

Type of Devices Attached

slow devices are connected with the serial port.faster devices are always connected to the parallel port.

Devices Attached

  • Modem
  • Mouse
  • Printer
  • Tape Drives
  • CD-ROMs
  • Extra Hard Disks
  • Printers

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