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What is a web page?

A web page is a digital document through which various tools or aspects are reflected that allow it to be more dynamic, such as images, videos, text, audios, links, hyperlinks, among others, as long as they are adapted to the regulations of the World Wide Web that we know much more by its acronym www.

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The web pages can only be accessed through a web browser under a functional internet connection . On the internet platform there are infinities of web pages, with multiple contents, in all possible languages ​​and from all over the world. That is why the internet is currently known as the largest library in the world since in it you can find endless accessible content just by having a smart device.


Access to this digital universe is only possible thanks to a huge platform that has been in charge of storing all the information that is currently available throughout all these years and due to a communication protocol known as HTTP.

The access to information is handled through different web pages in some cases is paid, in other cases have advertising, some content may be prohibited, depending on the age or the country where you want to display the information, or you must do first a kind of registration on the web in order to have access to the information you need.

The web pages in the world are scheduled under two formats is either HTML or XHTML and its main feature is the relationship between both through hyperlinks that are nothing but the connections are made between one page and another that allow to complement the information that is reflected in the main page.

Purpose of a web page

One of the main characteristics of web pages is to provide accessible and viable information to all types of audiences, that is, it adapts to the needs of the person who is looking for certain information, thus providing the help that is required. .

Some web pages , in favor of this principle, are more open to interacting with the user, creating effective and efficient communication platforms, such is the case of forums, social networks, pages of purchases and sales of goods, pages of business inquiries. , support pages, among others.


  • Static web pages : they are those that work through a file that has been programmed under the HTML scheme, where there is a complete instruction that allows the browser to rebuild the page through a preset order, without generating any type of contact with the user.
  • Dynamic web pages: these are those pages that are generated automatically when accessing them, using in their creative process a language or language that must be interpreted, which facilitates direct communication with the user, offering responses to their requests. or suggestions.

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