The will refers to the ability or intention to want to do something. The will refers to the ability of the human being to make decisions regarding specific actions or specific events that will define future results.

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The will is directly related to the action of man with respect to his freedom, allowing him in this sense, to be able to decide with respect to the various actions to take in his life or at a certain stage.

The will is directly and closely related to knowledge, since the human being by himself, acts or acts with respect to what he knows. In this sense, from the point of view of knowledge is that you can act and make decisions according to personal will. That is why, in the absence of knowledge, it is difficult to talk about an action or decision taken voluntarily.

Types of will

  • Power: it is a concept established by the German Friedrich Nietzsche . It refers to the basic principle of reality based on the development of human beings. This will to power expresses that what motivates human beings is the pursuit of their desires through force and the demonstration of the will to power.
  • Anticipated: these are the wishes that may arise in people who are in full use of their faculties regarding the care of their health and their body in the not too distant future, in case in that future they cannot carry out the actions or activities that you now carry out. It is a free expression and condition of the person that indisputably depends on the personality of each person.
  • Intelligence: like the will, they are two faculties or capacities that identify the human being . While the will refers to the intentions of a person, it does not always agree or correspond with the intelligence in a rational or practical way. That is why we must point out that, in many cases, the will is not directly related to logical thinking, so it is more directed to emotions and feelings.


  • Ability to decide on your own.
  • Acceptance of reality.
  • Set goals.
  • Draw real ideas or goals.
  • Acceptance.
  • Personal decision.
  • Knowledge.
  • One-person action.

Examples of phrases that express will

  1. You have to have willpower to overcome that disease.
  2. The only thing that counts is the will to want to do things.
  3. His willpower drives him.
  4. Always act with good will.
  5. He showed no disposition or willingness to want to do things.
  6. I want to lose weight.
  7. I am going to resume my studies of culture.
  8. I have the intention and will to want to do things well.
  9. I have done the will of my mother and what she asked was done.
  10. This was the last wish of my grandmother and it is being fulfilled.

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