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Definition of Winter

It is the season of the year astronomically begins at the winter solstice and ends at the spring equinox . The word winter comes from the Latin ” hibernus “.

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Similarly, in the equatorial region, where the seasons are not sensitive, the winter season, better known as the rainy season, refers to the rainy season that lasts about 6 months.

Winter is considered the coldest time of the four seasons, spring, autumn and summer , and begins with the winter solstice , which occurs between December 20 and 23, especially in the northern hemisphere, between days 20 and 23. June in the southern hemisphere and culminates in the vernal equinox, approximately on September 21 in the hemisphere and on March 21 in the northern hemisphere.


In the same vein, the winter months of December, January and February are considered in the northern hemisphere, and June, July and August in the southern hemisphere.

Winter is distinguished by the location of the sun at a lower height above the horizon at noon, which results in shorter days, longer nights and lower temperatures, which can change according to the distance from the country. it can be found with the equator. Also, this season it rains constantly and in the countries closest to the poles snow, for example: Alaska and Canada.

In the field of animals, in winter, life becomes complicated, and food is scarce, which is why most, especially small mammals such as rodents, birds and also some bats, etc., hibernate throughout the winter and for this they prepare for this situation by consuming excessive food necessary for them to gain weight and thus accumulate reserves in forms of fats.

On the other hand, in relation to birds, they practically do not hibernate but instead migrate to warmer areas until the end of winter and return to their place of origin.

With the onset of winter, many areas adapt easily to this season, such as the area of ​​fashion oriented to the design and manufacture of clothing that includes thick fabric and coat garments, in the same way, footwear with a lot of influence from boots and close shoes.

In another area, the Winter Olympic Games is an event that is held every fourth under the strict supervision of the International Olympic Committee. It has snow and ice sports, such as: ice skating, ski jumping, ice hockey, etc. In the year of 2018 the olympic games are held at the pyeongchang venues in south korea.

Nuclear winter

Nuclear winter is called the climatic phenomenon as a result of the indiscriminate use of atomic bombs . This theory arose in the time of the cold war, where it was predicted that the massive winters of nuclear exchange and the smoke that would filter into the lower layers of the atmosphere that would bring devastating consequences to the climate , as well as the extinction of beings alive, which threatened agriculture, and therefore, would cause a massive famine to humanity.

This theory was a result of studies by Paul Crutzen and John Birks, carried out in 1982. Likewise, Owen B. Toon and Richard P. Turco labeled it with the expression “nuclear rain” as a result of the studies of the consequences of smoke in the stratosphere. Later, in 1983 Georgiy Stenchikov and Vladimir Aleksandrov made simulations based on more sophisticated models.

Example sentences with the word winter

  1. It was a cold winter night
  2. During the winter, not even the sun came out
  3. As long as winter lasts, we won’t be able to go home.
  4. Your heart is as hard as a cold winter night.
  5. In  the  evenings  of  winter ,  then  in the  chorus ,  the  musician  and Antonio were  sheltered  in  that  room . 
  6. The  steward ,  the  foremen ,  the  mule ,  the  workers  principal  and  most  constant  in  the  service  of the  master ,  will  gather  there  for  the  night ,  in  winter ,  in  around  of  one  huge  fireplace  in  one  large  kitchen ,  and  in  summer  to the  air  free or  in  a  room  very  airy  and  fresh ,  and  they are  idling  and  of  gathering  up  that  the  lords  are  collected .
  7. It makes  cold … he replied  with  his  impassive  in front  of  the  people  the  father  Aliaga the  winter  is  very  crude …  And  stoked  the  embers  of  the  fireplace .
  8. Everything was warm on that winter night.
  9. For after the news, her eyes were saddened and she felt suddenly caught in a winter blizzard.
  10. The Winter Olympics are held during a certain period of the year.

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